To Empower Student Leaders

We are the definitive leadership training program for secondary school students and their advisers.  That’s a pretty bold statement yet we and everyone who has ever attended or been a part of SLTP recognize it as the plain and simple truth.
Our program is about learning how to make a difference. Our curriculum serves to strengthen skills and our atmosphere serves to refresh the spirit.
SLTP is a practical leadership laboratory for the student or adviser who is interested in developing the vision, skills and encouragement needed to reach young people and to make a difference in their schools and communities.
Our program is filled with positive energy, learning, friendships and fun.
We make a difference.


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About SLTP

SLTP was founded in 1990. Since then, we have staged over 100 leadership programs for over 5000 students and advisers from 26 different states and well over 100 schools. Since our original founding 10 staffers, there have been well over 500 who have volunteered to work at making a difference through SLTP. 
Every year since 1990 we have grown. Every year we endeavor to learn how to get better.

Following the adage “people tend to support what they themselves help to create,” the secret to our success and to our growth is staff ownership. Our staff contribute not just their time and effort, but also their ideas.

Teachers all, the staff tinker and stretch the program and its curriculum constantly. The results are plain to see by the effectiveness of the program.

We are proud to be on the cutting edge of experiential and invitational learning, but we are proudest of our graduates because from the skills they learn, they are able to go out and make positive significant differences in their schools, in their colleges, in their communities as well as in their personal and professional lives.

A Message from Our Founder

Someone once referred to me as obsessed with SLTP. I cannot deny that perception. Since 1990 we have made a lot of positive memories, uncovered a lot of pathways to learning and provided student leaders a place to stand in order to move their world.

Over the years our approach combining the two basic elements of unconditional acceptance and mutual respect has never varied. We have probed the depths of positive risk taking, character development, affirmations and invitational learning - - and done so while taking what is known about experiential learning and pushing it well past the edge.

I always have seen myself as a simple teacher. My homeroom assignment may have changed, and the class size might be considered too extreme, but my perception of myself has not really altered.

All I have learned formally and informally about learning, about leadership, about life - - I put into play for the betterment of the students and staffers of SLTP.

Schools and society today face many challenges. Wishful thinking would narrow the focus of student leadership to school dances, fundraisers, bake sales and other traditional school related concerns, but that is what it is - wishful thinking. Student leaders live and operate in the real world. We must do everything we can to prepare them to do so. Because student leadership is the answer.

The SLTP is about so much more than leadership. It’s about real values, creating positive role models and enabling young people to become proactive, productive members and contributors to society.
I am very proud of my role within SLTP. My classroom may be different than it was 35 years ago when I began as a teacher, but my respect for the joy of learning and the value of education has not changed.

- Jim Fitzgerald