Students lead the way.

Discussing the issues and choosing to do the right thing is an integral part of leadership. Student leaders and student activities are the real answer to changing a schools climate or atmosphere.



Getting Ready for Real Life

High School students are constantly being reminded that their “job” is to get ready for real life, or that whatever they might be doing or enduring will help prepare them for the real world.  
As if high school and their lives aren’t REAL!
Let’s see, what issues face teens in America today?   Well a partial list might include … drug abuse, violence, pregnancy, abortion, STD’s, bullying, gangs … exams, SATS, college entrance requirements … teacher shortages, budget shortfalls, block scheduling, teacher preparation … dating, gender issues, Prom, school rules … smoking, eating disorders, sizism … time management, friends, cliques … cars, insurance, licenses … employers, coaches, parents, siblings … hmmm it all seems pretty real to us!
The issues that face students are in FACT very real.  And while there are no answers to every issue listed above, there is another fact and that is that STUDENT leadership can and should provide students with a great deal of relief from many of the above.
School life is not a dress rehearsal for real life.  It is real life.  And students helping students can provide many of the answers to the tougher questions.
The word responsibility is often used as merely a description of one’s duties, like taking out the trash.  A STUDENT leader must see the word in two parts - RESPONSE and ABILITY.
Response is what the leader does to make a difference.  Leadership is about doing things on purpose and with purpose.
Ability is the skill to carry out the response.
Leaders must learn what to do and how to do it.
Right now for example school violence and bullying are in the news.  One school of thought says that stronger rules and metal detectors are the answer.  Another argues the way to stop bullying is to teach kids to be tougher and therefore they can resist bullies.  What do you think?
We believe that for any solution involving students then student leaders must be involved in creating the solution.