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Join Our Staff

One of the greatest things you could do for your school and community would be to take home the spirit of volunteerism that our staff exemplify.  Our staff realizes how much personal growth is possible when you “give yourself away.”
There is an extraordinary commitment displayed by the members of the SLTP staff, and there is an extraordinary reward for that effort.  The staff training is intense and remarkable.  Over the course of the year of our staff development program we explore every technique of working with people and every aspect of cooperation as it can be applied to learning.  For teachers and those involved managing or working with others – the personal development and enrichment are priceless.

While our staff roles are age and experience specific, there is a definitive equality.  We all share ownership in the direction and content of our program.

Leadership Trainers (LTs)
Our Leadership Trainers are students currently in high school or college, and all are SLTP Alumni.  Applications are due in early August and staff selection is complete by mid August.  The LT Development Program begins in September and culminates with a week of service during the following summer.

Leadership Instructors (LIs)
Our Leadership Instructors come from all walks of life, but all have a common passion for teaching and learning.  If you believe in student leadership and want to make a difference, please consider joining us.