Attitude, respect and trust are more than mere words.  Each represents active leadership.  Each are fundamental traits of effective leaders.  Each are basic skills that that can and must be learned and understood.   Together these skills are the foundation of the SLTP philosophy.  
We practice 24 hour mutual respect 



Leadership 101

Leadership training is all about learning the skills necessary to make a difference.  These skills are often referred to as “people skills” and the description fits.  Leaders must learn to work with people as individuals, in groups and in all of the possible situations and circumstances.   Leadership skills cover a very wide field - varying alphabetically from assertiveness to vision development.

The key to skill development is understanding that skills must be practiced. 

Our approach is quite unique - - we examine each skill in relation to each of the other skills.  That is, when we study and practice communication skills, we do so IN RELATION to solutions, to goals, to motivation, to teambuilding, to organization, to inclusion and so on.  
The idea is to enable our students to make the connection of the relationship between the skills and their interdependence upon one another.  We are more interested in application than theory.  Our goal is to enable our students to be better leaders TODAY as well as tomorrow. 
Learnings and understandings
Leadership development is based upon personal mastery of three basic learnings and understandings.  This foundation can be found in the acronym “A.R.T.” as in the ART of Leadership.



The T =’s TRUST