Imagine if you could have an SLTP Conference at your school...

Consider the Possibilities.

We are taking SLTP on the road to the schools themselves. SLTP will stage community based Leadership Symposiums. 




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Leadership Symposiums

Imagine if you could have an SLTP Conference at your school!  Consider the possibilities!

Leadership requires training.  Yet, less and less training happens.  Every year, student leadership is announced and titles are awarded in school after school.  Yet students rarely are prepared for the expectations, limitations, criticisms, obligations or eventually responsibilities.

Ideally those students can find their preparation and their training with us during the summer by attending one or more of our summer conferences. 
At SLTP, we do a great job for each of the 300 students who attend our program, but what about the thousands of leaders who do not find their way to be with us?  What about their advisers?

What about the here and now?  What about the members of the entire student council?  How about the members of the Key Club?  What about the Executive Boards of the Classes?  What about the membership of the 50 or so other clubs and teams at every high school?

This year we are doing something now.  We are taking SLTP on the road to the schools themselves.   SLTP will stage community based Leadership Symposiums. 

The primary objective of an SLTP Leadership Symposium is “nuts and bolts” preparation for the roles, procedures, duties and responsibilities associated with the traditional student membership in any school organization.

This fall SLTP will have training teams ready to go to any school to stage a special leadership training conference just for the students of that school.  This Leadership Symposium will be presented by SLTP certified trainers and instructors.  The schedule will be full (9AM—2PM), and the curriculum will be built according to the school’s needs.
The host school will arrange for the facility and lunch.  The minimum number of attending students will be held to 100 and the maximum number of attending students will be 120. $1500.00 for up to 100 students. The fee for additional students will be $15 each.

We require 1 adviser per every 10 students for safety purposes.  10 advisers can attend for free.

Locations that would require air travel or more than 3 hours travel time each way would require accommodations and travel expenses to be included.
The sessions are scheduled for Saturdays beginning at the end of September.  Each individual Saturday will be booked on a first come, first served basis.
In addition to the specific leadership workshops, the curriculum includes workshops on building effective teams, calendaring, modern meeting management, motive-action, time management, goal setting and project planning.

The calendar has only limited possibilities, so we recommend booking right away.  Schools can pool resources and more than 1 school could host a symposium.

To get the ball rolling, call Helen at 1-781-837-9572.  
If you think your school should go for it — call the people you know.