Send your officers now!

Send a team of officers and advisers. The time is now to set up a new and more successful school year.

Where: Davis Hall @Nichols College

When: 9:30- 2:30

Tuition: $30.00 per person

Deadline: October 1st

OTS 2016 Application



Officer Training Seminar (OTS)

Sunday, October 9th, 20166

The primary objective of OTS is “nuts and bolts” preparation for the roles, procedures, duties and responsibilities associated with the traditional student officer and adviser positions.

Even though leadership does not require holding a title, SLTP recognizes the need to train and prepare student officers for their SPECIFIC roles, which is the role of the Officer Training Seminar. 

Separate practical workshops will be held for each of the cardinal offices—president; vice president; secretary and treasurer.  Other officeholders or team captains will attend either specific job related workshops or tutorials to be determined by the enrollment.
In addition to the specific officer and adviser workshops, the curriculum includes workshops on building effective teams, calendaring, modern meeting management, motive-action, time management, goal setting and project planning.
Since the roles and responsibilities of student officers are interdependent, student officers may only attend this seminar as a TEAM.  The minimum number of officers for each team is 2 which may include any combination of student officers including the adviser. 

Lunch is included in the low price of $30.00 per person
Registration is limited

Advance registration ONLY

OTS 2016 Application

OTS flyer 2016