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Is there such a thing as a “born leader?”  We think not. 
Leadership is a choice.  Leadership is learned.

What then is leadership? 
Leadership is a set of life skills, techniques and ideals.

In SLTP we set up a laboratory to explore and practice these skills, techniques and ideals. Consider what we teach. The skills include intentionality or doing things on purpose and with purpose. This means beginning with the basics of setting goals, getting organized and learning to manage time. Obviously these are more than mere leadership skills, they are LIFE SKILLS. Leadership is choice and a natural result of learning those skills.

Student activities are considered extra-curricular. Many schools choose to call activities co-curricular, yet there is a user fee attached which distinguishes that activities as clearly being “extra.” School activities are the only place students can learn and practice responsibility as well as life skills. Successful involvement in student activities has a long established track record for academic success in high school and college. The correlation between the life skills learned is directly related to the academic success.

So it is no surprise that colleges want students to have demonstrated involvement in their schools and communities. And if that is the only reason a student involves themselves in school activities, it is still a pretty good reason. We think there is more to it than that.

At SLTP, we empower student leadership.  We offer the very best in training for secondary school students and their teachers and advisers.

In the parents section, we will attempt to explain the role SLTP can play to build the necessary life skills, to develop the character traits and to practice the responsibilities when a student chooses to lead.