The START Mission is to value, acknowledge, motivate and cultivate young adults’ potential for active leadership roles in their schools and communities.

The START Vision
Student leadership in the classrooms and in the communities can affect great change.

The START Conference will help motivate and develop present and future leaders to effect positive significant differences.

START Purpose
Rather than having students passively take notes while adults lecture, The START Conference is a unique 3-day program with a highly-interactive process. We will introduce high school freshmen to motivational speakers from various sectors of the community.

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What is START?  

START is an acronym: Students Taking Active Responsibility Today, and it is a youth leadership conference specifically designed for high school freshmen.
The Ninth Annual START Conference is a three day residential conference for ninth graders held on the Nichols College campus in Dudley, Mass.
With just a $50 registration fee, a student receives all meals, lodging and materials, including a leadership handbook – there are no surprises or hidden costs. Exercises in identity building, team building, situational leadership, and goal setting are designed to help each participant meet the challenges of tomorrow.
The Conference goal is to develop a strong foundation for a new generation of young leaders.  SLTP is an organization with proven experience motivating  and teaching leadership skills to thousands of high school students for the last 26 years.
How does it work?
Students attending the START program are nominated and endorsed to attend the conference by their high schools. The necessary registration forms must be signed and endorsed by an official school representative or a member of the SLTP Teaching staff.  Any diploma granting, accredited public or private school located in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island may nominate a ninth grader.
START Expected Outcomes
The START Conference has been designed to create an experience to produce the following results: