“I knew that it was okay to be me, to take off my mask and be the goofy, caring, honest guy that I wanted to be.  Being yourself is hard to do in today’s world and SLTP helped me find myself and who I want to be in awkward adolescence.”
Chris McKay
Bishop Hendricken High School



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Student Voices

“When I say I love the environment of SLTP, I do not mean the actual campus on which we stay. I mean the feeling you get when you walk into a room of new people at SLTP. In any other situation I would feel nervous and I wouldn’t want to speak up, but here I have no fears. I am all for sharing my opinions and voicing my ideas. It’s a great feeling and I know it is a mutual one throughout the conference.”
Samantha White- Northbridge High School

“At first SLTP was just a camp to me. It was like an onion, just a vegetable in the salad that is life. After attending LTC I was awed by the layers that I was able to peel back. The schedule was purposeful and the program was well designed. When I came back for ALC, there was more purpose and depth than I had originally seen and additional layers to peel. I also noticed that as I went through the week I felt a stronger bond to the people who were there and tp the entire idea of the conference.”
Ashlesha Dhuri- East Greenwich High School

“At SLTP I have found that it is the students that can step up and make the change and that we have the power to revolutionize the things we disagree with. I have grown and learned so much at my two weeks at LTC and one week at ALC. It has shown me that it is not enough to stand by and stay quiet when you know something is wrong. I have the ability to stand up for what I believe in and take action to make a difference.”
Lil Durfee- Scituate High School, RI

“SLTP has made such an incredible difference in my life. It has given me the confidence to be myself, and to stand up for what I believe in. I have learned to use my voice and my actions to help others.”
Ali Paul- Warwick Veterans Memorial High School

“It would be a lie to say to you that I came into LTC with an open mind, a willing heart and that drive to change. It would be a lie to say that I came to this program with excitement and energy. To be completely honest, I did not come into this program with any enthusiasm at all. However, all that changed when I took that first step into becoming a true leader. Sure, I did think that everybody was crazy in this program with all their funny greeting costumes and their funny songs and their strange ways when I got out of our car the first day of camp. But all the uniqueness that has been put into this program is what makes it truly special to me. I got more out of one week here than I had in one year of school. No we do not learn complicated math equations, or study the important of balancing redox chemical equations; but we do learn life skills that have made me anyway, a better student, a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better teammate, a better leader and a better person.”
Karen Lockhart – East Greenwich High School

“I remember the first day of LTC, I was so shy and contained to myself.  The staff came running out in their disco outfits to greet us and made me feel more welcomed and accepted tan I have ever felt.  After finishing ALC I was no longer the shy girl, but I became confident in myself.  I began taking more risks every day, and by the last day I had built up enough courage to speak about my experience with SLTP to all the campers and parents.”
Audrey Grubb – Spaulding High School, VT

“Thanks to SLTP policy of 24 hour mutual respect, I now feel much more comfortable branching out and meeting new people.  I felt welcome and I truly felt like I belonged.”
Sam Flibbert – Shepherd Hill Regional High School

“Before SLTP, I thought that there was no one else out there like me.  I thought there was no one else who wants to see the positive or to live for the greater good.  Through this program I have met so many people who have influence my life.  They have showed me that there is more to life than living for yourself, and you have to show others that as well.”
Brittany Mandeville – Scituate High School, RI

“SLTP is such a great place to be.  Everyone was so friendly, respectful, and great company to be in.  I felt entirely comfortable with expressing my opinions, and I knew that nobody would judge me for what I said.”
Joanna Flanagan - Tahanto Regional High School

“Coming from an all male high school, I once believed that calling someone gay was funny, and excluding someone because of their size of ability was normal.  Although somewhere inside me I knew how much I hated when somebody made fun of me because I was so skinny, or when someone didn’t’ include me in something because I play sports for Bishop Hendricken, I could never show this bothered me to my friends, because then would be a wimp, or gay, or a crybaby.  In turn I put up a mask, I decided not to show how I felt or who I am because if I did I would be ridiculed and alienated.  That was my life until week four of SLTP 2009.”
Chris McKay – Bishop Hendricken High School